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Bariatric Surgery Success Stories

See what Dr. Harish Kakkilaya’s patients have to say about their experience with Bariatric Surgery.

Jaclyn Catalano

Jaclyn Catalano had forgotten how good it felt to feel good.

However, after weight loss surgery with Harish Kakkilaya, MD, she feels great once again.


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Kim Rivera

Kim Rivera, of Pennsville, has been overweight most of her life. When she was 17, she lost her mother unexpectedly. She turned to food to help cope with her grief. That’s when her weight spiraled out of control.

At her heaviest, Rivera weighed 395 pounds.


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Kim Rivera before and after

Ryan Johnson

Research shows that four times as many female patients opt for bariatric surgery than men.

“Obesity rates in the country are split 50-50 between men and women,” said Bariatric Surgeon Harish Kakkilaya, MD. “However, 80-percent of all bariatric surgery patients are women, and only 20 percent are men.”


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Mary Brownell

After more than 25 years as a flight nurse on a rescue helicopter, Mary Brownell of Bear, DE, had to retire due to back problems.

“I had back surgery, then later went to work part-time as a medical officer on cruise ships,” Brownell said. “Between the surgery and the career change, I started gaining weight.”


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Linda Adams

For Linda Adams of Carneys Point, life after bariatric surgery is “absolutely wonderful.”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” said Adams, who turns 68 in May.


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Marylouise Policastro

Marylouise Tried Everything to Lose Weight

As a child, Marylouise was referred to as big boned. As she grew into adulthood, her weight caught up to her.

Marylouise Makes a Life-Changing Decision

Once she decided Sleeve Gastrectomy was for her, she went for it.

Surgery Leads to a More Active Lifestyle

She’s more sociable, more content, and happier since surgery.

Dr. Kakkilaya is Marylouise’s Special K

Marylouise describes Dr. Kakkilaya as compassionate and confident which made her comfortable with the surgery.

Diane Hitchner & Angel Schaffer

Meet the Twins: Diane and Angel

The sisters had gotten unhealthy and were ready to take their lives back.

Understanding, Support and Comfort

They knew Dr. Kakkilaya and Bariatric Surgery could change their lives.

Twice the Energy, Twice the Fun!

They are very active now when, before the surgery, they were always so tired.

Dr. Kakkilaya is like Santa on Christmas Morning!

Dr. Kakkilaya gives his patients all the right tools to be successful with Bariatric Surgery.

Our Lives Have Changed for the Best

The twins have a lot more confidence, feel healthier and support one another’s eating habits.

Determination is Key

The twins learned to stay determined and dedicated and to not ‘beat themselves up’ for going off track.

Dr. Barry Berman

Dr. Berman Takes Charge of his Health

He knew enough to know his excess weight was not taking him down a good path.

Surgery Brings Dramatic Health Improvements

Dr. Berman is now off all pre-op medications, no longer has Type 2 Diabetes, and has a lot more energy than prior to surgery.

How Has Surgery Changed Dr. Berman’s Life?

He’s the lead singer in a rock band and has a lot more air to do so since surgery.

Dr. Berman ‘Got His Life Back’ After Bariatric Surgery

His chances of dancing with his daughter at her wedding are much better now.

Dr. Berman Recommends the Bariatric Program

He has sent several families to Dr. Kakkilaya to better their health.

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