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Financial Assistance Policy

Salem Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Policy (“FAP”) exists to provide eligible patients, partially or fully-discounted emergency or other medically necessary healthcare services provided by Salem Medical Center. Patients seeking financial assistance must apply for the programs offered.

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Financial Assistance Policy – Plain Language Summary

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Financial Assistance Resources

  • Financial Assistance Policy – Appendix A (PDF)
  • Charity Care
  • Charity Assistance Program
  • New Jersey Hospital Care Assistance Program Application (PDF)

Charity Assistance Program

Salem Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare for our community, regardless of ability to pay. We recognize that the cost of healthcare can be an excessive financial burden for our uninsured patients. For our uninsured patients who were ineligible for State or Federal assistance (e.g., Healthcare for the Uninsured, Charity Care, Medicaid), there is an opportunity for financial relief under the Salem Medical Center Charity Assistance Program. Learn about the New Jersey Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund.

Do I qualify for the Salem Medical Center Charity Assistance Program?

If you meet the following criteria, you can be eligible for a significant reduction to your hospital bill:

  • You have no insurance coverage.
  • You are not eligible for Medicaid.
  • You are not eligible for a 100% adjustment under the State of New Jersey Charity Care program.
  • You are not eligible for reimbursement from any third party (e.g., lawsuit, employer, school, church).
  • The gross annual income for your household is less than $200,452.

If your answer is “YES” to all of the above, you qualify.

If I qualify, how do I apply for the Salem Medical Center Charity Assistance Program?

Complete the Application Form, attach a copy of your latest paycheck stub or income source and send to:

Salem Medical Center
310 Woodstown Rd
Salem, NJ 08079

Will this program cover all my medical bills?

This program is sponsored entirely by Salem Medical Center. This program applies to hospital services only. You may receive separate bills from other providers (e.g., physicians) for which this program does not apply.

What if I have questions?

Please call 856-935-1000, ask for a Financial Counselor.

Effectively all insurance contracts prior to the transition to Salem Medical Center on February 1, 2019, are currently active and in full force.
Salem Medical Center complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Please click the link to see our complete Notice of Nondiscrimination.