Inpatient Psychiatric Unit Overview

SMC’s Inpatient Psychiatric Unit is a 26-bed, safe and secure place where people can receive the treatment they need to move beyond their immediate mental health or substance abuse crisis.

The Unit is an area of the hospital designed for behavioral health care and represents one of many forms of mental health help available to the community. Inpatient care refers to admission into a facility dedicated solely for mental health care or, like Salem Medical Center, into a hospital with a distinct section for the treatment of mental illness and addiction.



Why would a patient need Inpatient Psychiatric care?

There are many reasons why a person may need care in an Inpatient Psychiatric Unit. In general, people are admitted because their symptoms are serious or unstable. They often need a setting to help forget about the distractions of life, allowing them to focus on physical and psychological healing.

The main goal of the Unit is to provide a safe, secure place where people can receive treatment to move beyond the immediate crisis.

What kind of care do patients receive?

Inpatient care is the most intensive level of treatment for individuals suffering from mental health and addictive disorders. The Unit offers 24-hour care in a safe and secure facility, making it best for patients with severe mental health or substance abuse issues who require constant monitoring.

The Unit will have a fully supported, interdisciplinary treatment team including representation from psychiatry, nursing, mental health therapists, rehabilitation therapists, social work, and case management.

The staff is qualified to offer specialized clinical care in acute mood and anxiety disorders, co-occurring psychiatric/substance use disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other mental health disorders.

The Unit will embody the latest in program delivery and newest mental health care practices. The staff is committed to helping patients with mental illness integrate and thrive in society. The focus is on recovery, not simply medicating and boarding patients.

How is Salem Medical Center’s Inpatient Psychiatric Unit different from other hospital units?

The Inpatient Psychiatric Unit offers spacious patient rooms, wellness areas, and on-site consulting suites.

Unlike other hospital units, the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit has a lot of open, communal space which promotes interaction between patients and staff, creates areas for group meetings, and generally supports therapeutic goals.

Patients can eat meals together in a dining room, or in their individual rooms. Privacy and a calm, low-stress environment are very helpful in a behavioral health unit.

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